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Jacques Doucet

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Jacque Doucet History

Jacque Doucet was born in Paris from 1853-1929. He was born into a family of bonnet and lace merchants of the 19th century. His family sold lace and bonnet fabrics on the streets of Paris since 1815. IN 1824, they opened a store called 21 rue de la Paris 21 PARIS. The Ducet name had been associated with Lingerie and fine linens in Paris since the early 19th century. Their clients were grand noblemen and Parisian aristocrats, including Charles X, Lous, Phillippe, and Napoleon III etc.

Jacques Doucet himself was known for his elegant dresses made with filmish, translucent materials in super imposing pastel colors. By 1871, after the Franco-Prussian War, Jacques Doucet became a king of the realm of Haute Couture . He opened a store selling ladies evening gowns.His dresses were mainly made of lace, silk ribbons, flowers, feathers, braid, beadwork and embroidery. He used rare

GROS POINT DE VENISE LACE for entire dresses.

Besides fashion, Doucet was also known as an art collector. Many famous painters of the time collaborated in the decoration of Ducet’s studio house and his private home. By the time of his death, he had a collection of Post-impressionist and cubist paintings.

Jacques Doucet Timeline

Jacques Doucet Reign as KING of haute couture - 1900s - 1926

  • 1880 - first famouse dress

  • 1871 - opened his salon of haute couture

  • 1898 - 1900 - black velvet jaquette dress

  • 1898-1900s - ball gowns

  • 1892 - married Paul Porel

  • 1900 - red velvet dress

  • 1900 - 1905 - Robe a transformation

  • 1901 - model photography

  • 1902- famous actresses and noble artisticrates starts making business with him.

  • 1903 - Afternoon dress

  • 1906 - discovered white venise bands lace

  • 1907 - Lace dress

  • 1914 - dress illustrations

  • 1915 - first women’s suit

  • 1917 - the red evening dress

  • 1919 - evening cape dress

  • 1919 - creation of the simple house tunic

  • 1920 - 1923 - Day dresses



Jacques Ducet’s style was too grand for the modern look in vogue in 1920, so his popu-

larity faded in that period. Garments carrying the Doucet name are still frequently in-

corporated with an historical fashion reference of the 18th century. His taste for lace and his discoveries of using both lace and velvet on garments lasted for decades. I believe

that is his most famous influence in fashion history. When people think about Jacques Ducet, everyone knows about his lace and lace ball gowns. Embroideries, especially floral and insect interpretations, were executed in prevailing styles. His designs are currently known as “art nouveau."

As a fashion design, Jacques Doucet is best recognized for adorning delicate, feminine toilettes featuring laces and other fripperies. He has also been acknowledged as one of the most enduring staples of a woman’s wardrobe for decades. The tailored suit or tailleur, was the first women’s suit ever created. This started the trail for Chanel’s suits and “The New Look” and also the most recent trend of “The Power Suit”.

He also trained many emerging and talented young designers such as Paul Poriet

and Madeleine Vionne.

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